Volume 21: Soundtracks

Just a few of the movie sounds I do love very much – they are all on the softer side.

The Perfume- Laura (sorry for the video, but the sound is great…) Listen loud. And go see the movie!

Out of Africa – I’m better at Hello

Fried green Tomatoes – The Whistle Stop Cafe

Franky and Johnny – Claire de Lune (don’t cry, its just a movie… But the music is wonderful and was used for the final scene in Oceans Eleven as well… )

The Firm – Main Theme (before y’all fall asleep listen to some great piano from Dave Grusin – and an encore below…)

The Firm – Memphis Stomp

    • Abbie
    • September 9th, 2009

    Love these! The first couple make me sleepy and also reminds me of movies I end up crying at the end of watching…the couple at the end give me that rush feeling you get at the end of a superb movie, like you wish it didn’t end… just a couple thoughts.
    Thanks for sharing Mike!

      • Michael Marzy
      • September 10th, 2009

      Hey Abbie, sounds like I picked the right ones 🙂 Thanks for listening! Feel free to send me a mail with your “fab five” and I’ll put them online!

  1. Frankie and Jonny. Can anybody imagine about an other ending than this? I guess not. 🙂

    OT: Out of Africa has been removed.

      • Michael Marzy
      • September 16th, 2009

      No other end possible 🙂 If you like this movie go see “bella Martha” – same idea, wonderfull music.
      Out of Africa has been replaced, thanks!

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