Volume 142: Country time!

Don’t ask me why, folks – but today I’m in a “country mood”… So here are some tracks from the “Grand Ole Opry”, the holy dome of country music… Enjoy – or come back tomorrow  🙂

Charlie Daniels Band – The devil went down to Georgia

Brad Paisley – I’m gonna miss her

Kellie Pickler – Nine to five

Alison Krauss – Simple Love

Carrie Underwood – Crazy Dreams

Steve Martin (yes, the actor…) – on the banjo

  1. Ok, I am not asking / surprising Steve Martin as “Speed Banjo Player” 😯

    Let me ask a question: those hats many of the males are wearing in that business, aren’t they like german Lederhosen? 😉

  2. Impressive, Mr. Stve… And yes, those hats are related to Lederhosen as an expression of patriotism and the urgent need for another beer – Texas is like Bavaria and “USA” stands not only for “United States of Amerika” but also for “unterer süddeutscher Abschnitt” ;-))

  3. … “unterer süddeutscher Abschnitt” …

    *rofl* thx, made my day.

  4. 🙂

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