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Volume 5: Washington

My first trip ever to D.C. – why not choose a few songs about the presidents – no politics here, it’s just about the music…

Pink – Dear Mr. President

Charlie Poole – White House Blues

The Byrds – hes was a friend of mine

Wyclef Jean – If I was president

Rhythm, Rhyme and Results – 44 Presidents

Bonus: One of my favorite comedians: Jeff Dunham and Walter – Announcing something…

Volume 4: Florida

Our last day in Newport, Rhode Island today before we travel across a few states down to Florida. Listen to the sun!

Gloria Estefan – Conga

The Beach Boys – Kokomo

Unforgetable – Jan Hammer, Miami Vice

Will Smith – Miami

Gloria Estefan – Rythm is gonna get you

Volume 3: Today it’s all about cars

The fab five (what a coincidence…)

The five other boys (is this about fives or cars??)

War – Low rider. Period.

Janis Joplin, Merceds Benz

Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen – Hot Rod Lincoln

Bonus Track – not about cars but the “mother road”

Volume 2: Music for a foggy day

It’s another very foggy day here in Newport, Rhode Island. Quiet songs, slow and easy, reflecting the mood around here.

The “early” Sting – and a classic song

Cafe del Mar – always relaxed

Ingrid Michaelson – just by listening you can feel the fog…

Beth Rowley – nothing to see in that fog – just hearing a voice…

Melody Gardot – my favorite female voice right now – to blow the fog away and bring the sun back

Volume 1: “Very” special edition for my wife. She knows why.