Volume 185: no comment

Volume 184: O’zapft is! (almost)

Oktoberfest is about to start – and if you cant stand this video without a beer or two – well, this is true for me as well. But we will get there 🙂 And it will be fun again!

And as a little encore don’t miss to check out this guy

Volume 183: Peter, Paul & Mary

It’s time for a few classics from a time when TV was black and white and life was good (but audio was bad, so crank it up! 😉

Puff the magic dragon

Early morning rain (what a great song!!)

If I had a hammer

Leaving on a jet plane

500 miles

Blowin in the wind

Volume 182: Friday special 9/11

Well, I know… 9/11 is only tomorrow… But usually I don’t do postings on Saturdays – so I wanted to share this awesome clip that Budweiser has done after 9/11 (and showed only once). It’s a tribute to the men and women that lost their lives – and it still makes me shiver.


Volume 181: Frank Ramond

The songwriter for Annett Louisan has made his own album – german only, sorry! 🙂 (Thx, T)

Sie liebt a la carte


Ich zähl bis drei

Dämliche Frage

Volume 180: Wedding anniversary

Well, it became a nice tradition that today’s songs are dedicatetd to my wife. We got married only 3 years ago – but it feels so much longer, in a positive way… So please enjoy a few songs that we call “our” songs…

Katie Melua – 9 million bicycles

Silbermond – Das Beste

Holy Cole – Que Sera Sera (we love the original Doris Day tune – but this one ist great!)

Volume 179: Gabriellas Song

From the Swedish movie “Wie im Himmel” (As in heaven/Sa som i himmelen) the most inspiring song. But I guess you have to see the movie to understand that song… So, go watch it (my German friends had an opportunity on ARTE last night…)