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Volume 106: Friday special (due to the holidays on Wednesday already…)

You may remember my “Animusic” edition  a while ago – here is one clip from that again – and below find a few young musicians creating the actual music to that animation – pretty cool… and great work from both creators! Now, happy Easter to all of you, I will be back next Tuesday. Stay tuned!



Volume 50: Amazing (!) Animusic

Volume 50 – wow, time flies… Today I’d like to share with you an few clips that are not so much about awesome or extraordinary music – but they are related to music and fascinating, please enjoy! Let me know what you think – and let me know what you would like to listen to in the future… Thanks for being with me for the last 50 editions of fiveonfive.

Pipe Dreams

Drum machine

Stick Figures

Resonant Chamber

Pogo Sticks

Future Retro