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Volume 113 (b): this and that…

A little bit “off topic” today, just to share a few things with you…

First, to your right hand side I have added a new button to “bloggerei”, a German voting service for blogs. Please be so kind and vote by telling me what you like and dont like about this blog… Thanks!!

Second: in my search log I found somebody looking for”whats the name of the music at the end of oceans eleven?” Well, it’s Clair de Lune from Claude Debussy, one on my favorite tunes ever – and it was also used in Franky and Johnny (wonderfull movie, please see that clip below, the one from Oceans 11 is not on youtube…) as well as recently in Twilight. Please see the clip below 🙂

And third: just thanks for being with me. Maybe you could recommend this blog to your 5 best friends so I get a bit more visibility – and keep my little research on blogging and social media up and running… Thanks!

Volume 56: The moon

By special request (thanks for asking, Katja), today’s songs are about the moon… No specific order, I like them all 🙂 And since they are all great you get 10 instead of 5 songs today 🙂

Katie Melua – Blame it on the moon

Elvis Presley – Blue moon of Kentucky

The Police – walking on the moon (cool version from Sting alone: click here)

Sting (again) – Moon over Bourbon Street (Chris Botti on the trumpet)

Nat King Cloe – Fly me to the moon (very nice versions are coming from many others including Frank Sinatra – but he get’s his song right below…)

Frank Sinatra – Moon River

Lyle Lovett – Moon on my shoulder (Lyle Lovett is a country songwriter with a very special voice…)

Claude Debussy – Clair de lune played by David Oistrakh (If I had to pick just ONE – this would be it, I have posted it in here before… You’ve heard it in many movies – I like this version in particular)

Cat Stevens – Moonshadow (last but not least…)

Michael Buble – Moondance (by Van Morrison) can not be embedded, please click here

Volume 21: Soundtracks

Just a few of the movie sounds I do love very much – they are all on the softer side.

The Perfume- Laura (sorry for the video, but the sound is great…) Listen loud. And go see the movie!

Out of Africa – I’m better at Hello

Fried green Tomatoes – The Whistle Stop Cafe

Franky and Johnny – Claire de Lune (don’t cry, its just a movie… But the music is wonderful and was used for the final scene in Oceans Eleven as well… )

The Firm – Main Theme (before y’all fall asleep listen to some great piano from Dave Grusin – and an encore below…)

The Firm – Memphis Stomp

Volume 12: Clair de Lune

Today and all this week I have had a massive “time” issue – but I will share this one song with you today that I do love very much. There are many versions of it – this one for me is the most beautiful. Will be back on Monday with regular selections…