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Volume 150: Soundtracks, MovieSongs

Allright!!! 150 Posts!!! Champagne!!! 😉 I was wondering if I should keep this “edition” until Friday for the weekly special, but what the heck! It’s 150 posts TODAY and so we celebrate today! Inspired by this post I will share with you today my top 5 movie songs, always one of my favorite topics. This is my very personal selection of great music from the movies, you might have seen some of them here before and there is so much more!… Whenever possible I will show you NOT the movie scenes but the musicians, just for a change 🙂 Enjoy them anyway!!

W.A. Mozart – Clarinet Concert Adagio (from out of Africa)

Keith Jarrett & Jan Garbarek – Country (from wonderful movie “Bella Martha”/”Mostly Martha”) played by a no name band – but it is a great performance

Americano (from the talented Mr. Ripley) – Maintitle from tha movie by Gabriel Yared, worth listening to but not available on youtube…

Thomas Newman – Whistle Stop Cafe (from the wonderful movie “Fried Green Tomatoes”)  please listen to the full soundtrack (on youtube) – it is just magical music

Elvis Presley – a little less conversation (remix from Ocenas Eleven – another very cool full soundtrack!)

Volume 11: The last day

After being in the US for 4 month we are on our way back to Germany. Only one song reflects the mood I am in today…

Keith Jarret & Jan Garbarek – Country

In case you are having a great day: same song (and some Paolo Conte), different pictures (Bella Martha, an absolutely wonderful movie about passion in all means that I absolutely recommend!)