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Volume 108: Nadine’s selection

Another list from somebody else – my dear friend Nadine shared her secrets with me and listed her Top 5 songs… Great list, I lik it very much! Thanks a lot to Nadine – and please enjoy!!

Foo Figthers – Everlong

Chris Isaak – Wicked Game

John Mayer – No such thing

John Mayer – Free Fallin’ (please see live video here)

John Mayer – Gravity

Volume 100: John Mayer

Wow… Volume 100… thanks everybody for reading and staying with me all the time! I thought about a very special artist for todays edition of fiveonfive – so many would have been possible… But then I decided to pick just one, not beacuse of him (even if I think he is a great musician) but I picked him for another reason and dedicate this edition of fiveonfive to a very special person….

Human Nature


Your Body is a wonderland

Free Fallin’ (better quality video here)

Don’t know why (with Norah Jones)

Hartbreak Warfare