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Volume 135: Lena and so on…

Well… haven’t we all been very much suprised that sweet little Lena finally really won this contest???Congrats to her, I really like her fresh and natural personality – and yes, I do like the song. But it was not the best song that night. Please listen to “my” favorites below, some German entries from the past years – and of course there is some more Lena  – in my last posting 🙂

Tom Dice – Me and my guitar (Belgium – Germany gave 12 points to that one!!)

Niamh Kavanagh – It’s for you (Ireland, ended up being 23rd out of 25… I like it anyway)

Texas Lightning  -Never Ever (2006)

Max Mutzke – Can’t wait untuil tonight (2004 – grate voice, still like his music)

Stefan Raab – Wadda hadde du denn da (almost unbelieveable that this guy, trying his luck in 2000, ended up 5th (!) is now responsible for Germany’s success this year…Showbiz..)

Volume 128: German tracks

Today I’d like to share some German voices I listen to these days – hope you like it…


Westernhagen – Versuch Dich zu erinnnern

Jan Delay – Klar

Max Herre – Blick nach vorn

Westernhagen – eins

Max Mutzke – Schwarz auf Weiss

Jan Delay – Oh Jonny

Volume 80: Max Mutzke

One of the finest and most soulful voices in Germany, even if he was “discovered” in a casting show – enjoy Max Mutzke! Most songs from his much better first album are not on Youtube, please listen here fore samples…

Can’t wait until tonight

SpĂĽr Dein Licht

Song fĂĽr Dich

Schwarz auf Weiss

Mehr als nur das