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Volume 127: This and that…

Tracks that piled up the last few weeks and did not find a decent home in former posts- well, here they are… enjoy!

Snoop Dogg feat. The Doors – Riders on the Storm

Phil Collins – Against all odds (live)

Blues Brothers – Twist it

Theresa Andersson – Birds fly away (check out this awesome “One-Woman-Band” – a more professional version below…)

Melody Gardot – Baby, I’m a fool (see official, awesome clip here)

Volume 121: Melody Gardot – again…

I know, I know… I have featured her here before – however, she is just great, I love her wonderful voice, her cool way of performing and last but not least am I impressed by her “story” and how she discovered music for her life… Please enjoy this great artist and forgive me for having her posted the second time 🙂

Who will comfort me

Baby I’m a fool (great video here)

If the stars where mine

Sweet memory



Volume 34: a few female jazz tunes…

Being recovered from my injured hand I’m happy to be back and provide some nice tracks for you…. (thanks for being still around…)

Stacey Kent – The boy next door

Karrin Allyson – Life is a groove

Jane Monheit – Checek to Cheek (not the best sound quality – but the song is just great!)

Renne Olstead – Summertime (she was 14 at this performance, I saw her a few months later live at the MoJo Club in Hamburg…)

Melody Gardot – Goodnite (sorry, it’s “her” again – just my favourite voice these days, coming to Munich on Nov. 10!!!)

Encore (for my wife): Melody Gardot – if the stars were mine

Volume 2: Music for a foggy day

It’s another very foggy day here in Newport, Rhode Island. Quiet songs, slow and easy, reflecting the mood around here.

The “early” Sting – and a classic song

Cafe del Mar – always relaxed

Ingrid Michaelson – just by listening you can feel the fog…

Beth Rowley – nothing to see in that fog – just hearing a voice…

Melody Gardot – my favorite female voice right now – to blow the fog away and bring the sun back