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Volume 177: mixed zone

Hey, today you get to see a few songs that don’t match any theme or follow any rule… I just had them on my mind…

Jerry Lee Lewis – Johnny B Goode

Michael Jackson – U rock my world (watch him dance and have fun at the end!!)

AC/DC – Thunderstruck (I told you, no theme today…)

Jamiroquai -White Knuckle Ride (yes he is back 🙂

Chris Isaak & LeeAnn Rimes – Devil in Disguise (very sexy…)

Volume 152: Friday special: one year ago…

… I was in the US and heard it in the news. There was nothing to talk about but Michael Jacksons dead for the next few days, the country was shocked and could not believe what had happened. In memory of this great artist – who truly changed the world at least a bit – see how his fans loved him, enjoy his most famous song and the incredible performance, his incomparable dancing skills dancing after minute 7:00, see what he did to peoples emotions. Watch it in HD, full screen! I was never a huge fan – but this video still gives me goosebumps.  Rest In Peace, MJ!

Billy Jean

Volume 103: Friday special

Based on a listing that I found these are the 5 best musicvideos ever… enjoy them (and the 95 others listed…)

Michael Jackson – Thriller

Peter Gabriel – Sledgehammer

Aha – Take on me

Nirvana – Heart shaped box

Guns N’ Roses – November Rain

Volume 69: one more time – happy new year

I know, I’m late. I know it’s in German only – sorry! However, it’s too good not to share it. Real music will be back tomorrow 🙂 And you german readers/listeners – enjoy

Volume 36: Motown…

The title says it all…. but not the obvious stuff…

Marvin Gaye – lets get it on…

Randy Crawford – I’ll fly away

The Dells – Stay in my corner

Sam Cooke – A change is gonna come

James Brown – Cold sweat

Encore! Check out the dancing!