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Volume 111: Nina Simone

Still (and probably forever) one of my favorite singers – Nina Simone. She has a great voice, a story to tell and for sure some impact on black music in general. Please enjoy this great artist!

How it feels to be free


Ain’t got no…  I’ve got life

Don’t let me be missunderstood

My baby just cares for me

Love me or leave me

Encore: Nina Simone and Felix, da Housecat – Sinnerman Remix

Volume 45: relaxed into the weekend….

The headline says it all, have a great weekend!

Huey Lewis and (adorable) Gwyneth Paltrow (!!!- surprisingly good)  – Cruisin’ – an old Smokey Robinson hit…

Speaking about Smokey Robinson – Baby come close

Eddie Brickell – Good Time (you remember Windows XP being delivered with this clip?) Thanks, RH for bringing it back

Carmen McRae – How long (Verve remix)

Nina Simone – Feeling good (Verve Remix)

Nina Simone -Sinnerman (Verve Remix)