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Volume 127: This and that…

Tracks that piled up the last few weeks and did not find a decent home in former posts- well, here they are… enjoy!

Snoop Dogg feat. The Doors – Riders on the Storm

Phil Collins – Against all odds (live)

Blues Brothers – Twist it

Theresa Andersson – Birds fly away (check out this awesome “One-Woman-Band” – a more professional version below…)

Melody Gardot – Baby, I’m a fool (see official, awesome clip here)

Volume 24: Phil Collins – no more drumming

Phil Collins announced last week that he might not be able to play the drums again (and maybe not even the piano…) due to a surgery on his back… Enjoy!

Phil Collins and Chester Thompson – Drum Duet

Take me home

The west side

Long long way to go

In the Air tonight – no comment…