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Volume 10: Clapton duetts

Today I have picked my favourite guitar man and a few of his great “play alongs” with other superstars of Rock and Blues.

It all starts with the “King” – B.B: King and Clapton – Buddy Guy

Wyclef Jean and Clapton – Wonderful Tonight

Mark Knopfler and Clapton – Layla

John Mayer and Clapton – Crossroads

Santana and Clapton – Jingo

Bonus for guitar lovers: John Mayer – Human Nature – at Michael Jacksons Memorial Ceremony – wonderful!

Volume 5: Washington

My first trip ever to D.C. – why not choose a few songs about the presidents – no politics here, it’s just about the music…

Pink – Dear Mr. President

Charlie Poole – White House Blues

The Byrds – hes was a friend of mine

Wyclef Jean – If I was president

Rhythm, Rhyme and Results – 44 Presidents

Bonus: One of my favorite comedians: Jeff Dunham and Walter – Announcing something…